Why Choose Start Gloves Group?

Quality Assurance:

Our gloves are manufactured with precision, meeting international quality and safety standards.



We continuously research and develop new glove technologies to stay ahead of industry trends.


Competitive Pricing:

We offer competitive prices without compromising on quality.

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Elevate Safety with Start Gloves

Our mission is to offer a comprehensive range of protective gloves that meet the diverse needs of our customers. We are committed to delivering innovative solutions, exceptional service, and competitive pricing while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.

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Product Range

We offer a wide variety of protective gloves designed for various industries and applications, including but not limited to:

Disposable Gloves

Latex, nitrile, and vinyl gloves for medical, food handling, and industrial use.

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Departure Defective

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Elevate Safety with Start Gloves

Quality Gloves for a Safer Tomorrow

We aim to make workplaces and everyday activities safer by providing the highest quality gloves tailored to our customers’ needs.

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Uncompromising Quality, Unbeatable Protection"

At Start Gloves Group, we believe in safeguarding hands and protecting lives. Join us in our mission to make the UK a safer place, one pair of gloves at a time.

"We prioritize environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and work closely with suppliers who share our commitment to social responsibility."



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